Behind a wall of mature shrubs lies this immaculate one story home that offers great privacy and modern living style. Over 10,486 sqft in lot size, this home features generous living spaces plus a separate and permitted guest house with its own living room, Japanese Tatami quarter and bath. It is simply gorgeous! This home has been lovingly maintained through years with great craftsmanship. Many built in features and cabinetry are offered. Fine amenities also including large bay windows, crown molding, fireplace, master suite, wall to wall pergola, automatic gate on extra wide driveway, California basement, plus an extra office space. Light filled and open floor layout on hardwood floor with easy access to outdoor.


背后墙上的成熟的灌木的谎言,这一个故事完美无暇的家庭,提供了极大的隐私和现代化的生活方式。 在10,486平方英尺中的很多的大小,这个家庭拥有宽敞的生活空间的独立,并允许的客房有其自己的住房,日本榻榻米季度和洗澡。 这只是华丽! 这个家已被精心保持通过多年来有很大的手工艺。 许多在建设和橱柜提供。 优良的设施还包括大凸窗,成型的皇冠,壁炉,主套间,墙壁凉棚,自动大门上的额外广泛的车道,加利福尼亚州的地下室,外加一个额外的办公空间。 光线充足和开放式布局的硬木地板上容易进入外。